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Coffeeshop on Rails


Starbucks Train 3Apparently not content with putting a coffee shop on every second street corner, Starbucks has teamed with Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) to expand into rail travel with the unveiling of the first railway carriage converted into a Starbucks.

The double-decker car uses a design that combines design elements based on coffee with Swiss detailing in what Starbucks calls the smallest bar it has ever designed. With its ubiquitous green logo and “Starbucks” emblazoned on the side along with specially-designed icons showing menu items and a Fairtrade symbol, the Starbucks carriage isn't hard to pick out.

Inside, the coffee carriage is divided into two levels, both of which share a color scheme based on coffee-associated shades and tints. Since this is a mode of transportation rather than architecture, the challenge was to address concerns not only of comfort and commerce, but also space and safety. With its seating for a total of 50 people, the design focuses on serving passengers on short journeys.

Starbucks Train 1The lower, entry level features a curved wooden serving bar with a small pastry case. However, the espresso machine is a simpler, automated device compared to those found in a more stationary Starbucks. Along the windows there are standing bars and, according to Starbucks, the wood for these and throughout has been treated to conform to stringent safety requirements.

Upstairs, there’s a second coffee bar and a lounge area with movable club chairs covered in beige leather with detailed stitching, with a small lantern in each lounge window made to look like an upside-down Starbucks cup completing the look. Starbucks says that the seats are made from clip-together parts that can be quickly removed and replaced.

The knotty wooden “community” tables remind passengers that they’re on a train by sporting a groove in the middle to hold drinks in place while going around corners or changing speeds. In each table is a specially designed dial designed to resemble a Swiss watch dial. These are numbered to help the staff in delivering drinks when passengers order from their tables.

Starbucks Train 2“It was an incredible and rewarding challenge to design our first ever Starbucks store on a train," says Liz Muller, director of concept design for Starbucks. "We had to combine functionality and beautiful design, whilst taking into account a variety of factors such as constant movement of the train, space limitation and stringent safety regulations. This is one of the smallest espresso bars and stores we have ever designed and is a result of a unique collaboration of experts, including local designers and engineers from SBB. Working closely together with SBB over the past two years, makes me very proud that we can now truly bring the Starbucks Experience to life on this train.”

8 Types of Coffee Drinkers


The morning smell of coffee may get you going and sometimes you even drink it at night to help you relax. There are different kinds of coffee drinkers. Which one are you?

old school coffee1.       Someone Who Hates Starbucks

You shun Starbucks like it's the plague. It's either it's too commercialized and has put a local café nearby out of business or the place is too crowded. In some countries, a grande at Starbucks costs too much so maybe it's the price.  Whatever your reasons are, you go for locally grown coffee and probably don't know all Starbucks flavors by heart.

2.       Black, No Sugar

You're proud that you don't put milk in your coffee and no sugar either. According to Thrillist, there's no manlier way of drinking coffee than black, no sugar. Or it could also be because you're diabetic and just need the caffeine.

3.       Café Chick Studying / Working While Nursing A Cup Of Coffee

The baristas have been eyeing you and it's not because of your outfit or how pretty you are. It's because you've been in the café for hours, using up free Wi-Fi while you nurse your one cup of cappuccino.

4.      Reusable-Cup-That-Looks-Like-A-Disposable-Cup User

You have this and you are doing Mother Nature proud. You go marching to your favorite coffee shop armed with your own cup and feel good about it. You are helping the planet after all.

5.       Sustainability Snob

You're the higher level of the reusable-cup-that-looks-like-a-disposable-cup user and possibly hate big coffee shop chains. You only drink coffee that's locally grown and are harvested by indigenous people. Sure, other coffee drinkers think you're pretentious but this doesn't matter, you want to contribute to contribute to the local coffee industry and you feel good about it.

6.      Someone Who Can't Drink Coffee Without Nibbling On Something

Whether it's doughnuts, a piece of cake, pie or a cookie, coffee just isn't right if it is not taken with something sweet.

7.      Coffee and Cigarette Break Office Worker

A cup of coffee isn't complete for you if you don't smoke. Coffee seems to taste better this way.

8.      Coffee Gadget User

You love coffee and you want to make your own fresh cup of coffee each time you drink coffee. You have all the "toys" ranging from manual grinders to tiny scales. Your kitchen looks like a science lab - all in the name of a good cup of coffee.

Source: ibtimes.com

Don't worry, it's good for you...


Medical Benefits

Coffee boosts memory


Coffee BrainDrinking coffee stops the decline in memory performance that happens as the day progresses.
Memory in older adults is at its best during the morning hours compared to late afternoon. To get round this you could, of course, try to schedule mental tasks for first thing, leaving more routine work for later in the day. Or you could try making a pot of coffee. For researchers at the University of Arizona have found that coffee can even out memory performance during the day.

They had 40 participants aged over 65 do a verbal learning test at 8am and again at 4pm. One group received a 12 ounce cup of regular coffee during the tests, while the other got the decaffeinated kind. The participants were unable to tell the difference between the two. Those drinking decaff had the usual decline in performance during the day, but those ingesting caffeine did not – they were as sharp in the afternoon as in the morning. The next step, say the researchers, is to repeat these experiments with brain scanning, to find out what effect caffeine really has on brain function and blood flow.

Source: tele-management.com

Coffee grounds for your plants


Plant in coffee cupA huge amount of coffee is consumed daily in almost every country in the world. This results in a huge amount of spent coffee grounds tossed in the garbage or washed down the sink.

Why not use it as fertilizer? Lab tests show that coffee grounds contain useful amounts of phosphorus and potassium, are a low-level source of nitrogen and also contain minor amounts of calcium, magnesium, copper, and other trace minerals, carbohydrates, sugars, some vitamins, and some caffeine. Perfect for your garden!

Coffee grounds are particularly good for acid-loving plants, like tomatoes, roses, azaleas, blueberries, evergreens, camellias, avocados, and some fruit trees.

But you can use coffee grounds for most plants as the acid level is not as high as you would think as a substantial amount of the ‘acid’ is cooked out of the coffee during the brewing process. Just reduce the amount of grounds used for other plants.

Mix about 250g of damp grounds in a 20lt drum of water; let it sit outdoors to get to air temperature and you have a liquid fertilizer.

Dry the liquid in the oven (on a big oven tray) and apart from getting that great coffee smell around the house you get a fertilizer you can sprinkle around the base of your plants.

You can also just dig the damp coffee grounds into heavy alkali soil to break it down and encourage earthworms into your garden. Avoid dumping the grounds in clumps as it can get a bit moldy sitting in lumps on top of the soil.

The coffee grounds can also be mixed into your compost heap with crushed eggshells to deter snails.

Like any type of fertilizer, just don’t overdo it and use in moderation. As a home experiment, sprinkle some around some of your tomato plants, and taste the difference between the tomatoes from the treated and those from the untreated plants.

Courtesy:  greenplanet.com