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This week we love...

Woman Coffee Farmers


Over 800 women from Nyaruguru and Kayonza districts recently completed a year training in coffee agronomy best practices courtesy of a local non-government organization, Sustainable Harvest Rwanda.

Coffee has traditionally played a central role in Rwanda's economy and culture, yet women who provide most of the labour in the production and value addition chain, were always relegated to the back seat.

Even with a long tradition of being one of the world's producers of high quality Arabica coffee beans, Rwanda is not immune to challenges associated with producing this globally traded crop, sometimes referred to as 'black gold'.

Globally, the coffee industry faces challenges in meeting the changing quality demands of consumers and the way Rwanda coffee producers respond will determine how the sector will contribute to their wellbeing and overall economic growth of the country. It is against this background that rural women have started training to enhance their coffee growing and processing skills.

The programme is expected to help dismantle barriers that stand in the way of rural women's participation in key sector drivers of economic growth, such as coffee. Women make up the majority of the workforce growing, harvesting and sorting of coffee. Therefore, raising their knowledge about the industry will improve the overall health of the coffee.

Sustainable Harvest Rwanda, among other things, works to create economic opportunities in the Rwandan coffee trade for women entering the job market with new skills.

According to Marcus Young, the director of business operations. women in rural Rwanda and indeed most of Africa play the biggest role in coffee production and value addition chain.

"In Rwanda, women have become a driving economic force. Our goal is to foster partnerships that maximize opportunities for women enrolled in our programme to learn new skills, access jobs and connect with new global markets so they can thrive financially; contributing to their families and ultimately creating a more stable and prosperous future," he said.

He noted that over a three-year period, the project seeks to uplift the livelihoods of about 3,500 low-income women farmers through training that creates basis for more transparent trade, improved quality and higher prices. The programme empowers women farmers to produce more from their small plots of land, connect with international buyers, reduce exposure to financial commodity market risk, and improve the environmental sustainability of their communities.

"In Nyaruguru, the Nyampinga Cooperative in Bunge Cell, women have been able to sort and process cherries separately from the rest of the deliveries, increasing the income they receive from coffee production. In Kayonza district we built on the success of existing cooperatives and encouraged the formation of new ones," said Young.

Since women form a critical part of the supply chain, their knowledge and skills has an impact on the entire coffee industry.

Smallholder women coffee producers, working with this programme, are proud of having been able to transform the coffee value chain, making it inclusive and efficient.

Jeanne Murekatete, a coffee grower in Kayonza District said that believing in the power and potential of smallholder women farmers was enabling innovation in the production chain.

She added that the one-year training in coffee growing and processing was a great learning experience that she will share with her community.

"These days I am more than just a housewife; I am also a coffee producer, member and president of cooperative and a coffee specialist. Coffee offers women a chance to build a positive future and heal the disruptions caused by poverty," she said.

Bodum PEBO


Bodum SyphonScience geeks, this one's for you. In this unusual coffee maker, the water is heated in the bottom component, and as pressure builds the water rises and mixes with the coffee grounds. When the ideal temperature of 94°C is reached, the pot is removed from the stovetop and the liquid descends back into the bottom carafe. The result is you get the well-rounded flavour associated with a cafetière without the residual grinds at the bottom.

It's not available in SA yet, but if you have a friend in the UK, ask them to get the PEBO for you from:  thecookskitchen.com

Saeco Minuto coffee machine


Saeco MinutoYou can't help but think of KITT (if you don't get that reference, you didn't watch enough television in the 80's) when you see the Minuto, but there's a reason for that...It manages to be a superautomatic espresso machine and coffee maker, without sacrificing anything for either option. A clever lever on the adjustable spout allows you to switch pressure settings to provide optimal extraction for both coffee (3 bar) and espresso (15 bar). So, if you oscillate between your love of lattes and drip coffee, the Saeco Minuto is your one-stop shop.

Before you make the final decision, keep in mind colour is not the only difference between these versatile machines. If you’re a one-touch kind of person, let the silver Minuto Class automatically froth fresh milk with the cappuccinatore. If you like a little more control, select the black Minuto Focus and effortlessly froth milk with the panarello. Either way, you’re a winner in our book!

The Le Creuset Plunger


Le Creuset PlungerNeed a bright pop of colour to perk up your morning? We've got just the thing. Create perfect plunger coffee in the bright and beautiful stoneware coffee plunger from Le Creuset. It's classic shape is made in their signature stoneware, so it keeps coffee warmer for longer, while the metal mesh plunger is sleek and efficient - in true French style. Voila.

Available from Yuppie Chef.

The "Tuttocrema" from Bialetti


Bialetti FrotherThis week we love the "Tuttocrema" from Bialetti.

This little frother not only looks beautiful, but it also makes delicious frothy milk on your stove top. What really separates this creamer from the rest is its double gauge frother. Just pump it a couple of times and voila! Mouth watering, creamy foam for your cappuccino without even breaking a sweat.

It also boasts a teflon non-stick coating which makes it easy to clean. It comes in matte silver with a cool-to-touch bakelite handle.

Retails at R595 from Yuppie Chef.